Our Very Own Piece of Findora!

Cerebral Entertainment
2 min readAug 25, 2022

Today marks the start to a new journey at Cerebral Entertainment. We are proud to announce that our team has spun up a validator on the Findora blockchain! In doing this, it shows our dedication to the Findora network. As a team, we’ve collectively determined that this chain and this team (Discreet Labs) is building something incredibly special. We want to be a part of it.

We’ve been in talks with the Findora team for a couple of months and have decided to extend our project there! Not only does this new development show our commitment to Findora, its team, and its community, it also gives us an opportunity to start earning revenue (regardless of how large or small it is). 55% of all revenue will go towards the Cerebral treasury. As the chain grows, rewards will grow along with it. This is our first step in building multiple revenue streams as a company.

If you would like to stake with us go to the wallet client and select Cerebral Entertainment on the list of validators. Here is our current validator information:


Don’t mind the current APR%. We setup the node last night (August 24, 2022) but didn’t start signing blocks until today. Over time our uptime and APR will go to the standard levels of other validators. Currently, we have a very low commission rate of only 3%. Operational costs will dictate whether this number goes up or down.

Here is also a look at our new logo!


Cerebral Team



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