Cerebral Moving to Polygon and Taking Care of Community

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2 min readJun 25, 2022

There were dozens of factors that led to our decision to move our project to the Polygon Blockchain. We have made the tough decision to move from Harmony. We want all of our followers and committed community members that have invested in our project, we have not forgotten them and they will not be left behind.

We have mulled things over and have chosen to put a simple vote to the community that will be weighted by how much CGD tokens you hold. We are willing to refund all token holders the amount of one per NFT they purchased at 10 one per NFT, or you will have the option, for every 1 NFT you own on Harmony you will receive 1% off our new NFT’s on MATIC, at the set price of $60.00 USD, that will be able to be staked. That means for every 100 NFT’s you own on Harmony, you will be able to mint 1 new NFT on MATIC for free. The new token will be named CGA, Cerebral Gaming Attention Token. We want the community to have input on this as we make this transition. We value your thoughts and opinions as we further endeavor to grow the Cerebral Gaming brand and build our community and company.

We look forward to all of you speaking your voice on how the future of Cerebral progresses. We will be using Snapshot to gauge our community’s opinion on how we move forward. The snapshot will be done at 12:00 P.M. CST June 25th. If you have any unclaimed CGD on Kuroshiba, we recommend you claim them as soon as possible.

We have some really exciting plans and are looking forward to our community joining us on the Polygon network. We understand this is a big transition but we ask that you all stick with us and we’ll all prevail together. We are willing to do whatever is needed to support our Brainiac community. If you have any questions please join our discord.

We will always have updated news as well on our twitter.

We love our community and we love our gamers! Let’s build something amazing together!


Cerebral Team



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